rat·ty || 'rætɪ adj. infested with rats, teeming with rats; (Slang) unfair; (Slang) crummy, in bad condition (example: "He has a ratty car, looks like a wreck")

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • ratty — /rat ee/, adj., rattier, rattiest. 1. full of rats. 2. of or characteristic of a rat. 3. wretched; shabby: a ratty, old overcoat. 4. Slang. irritable or angry; bad tempered; nasty: I always feel ratty when I wake up. [1860 65; RAT + Y1] * * * …   Universalium

  • ratty — [[t]ræ̱ti[/t]] rattier, rattiest 1) ADJ GRADED If someone is ratty, they get angry and irritated easily. [BRIT, INFORMAL] I had spent too many hours there and was beginning to get a bit ratty and fed up. Syn: grumpy, irritable 2) ADJ GRADED Ratty …   English dictionary

  • ratty — adjective (rattier, rattiest) 1》 resembling or characteristic of a rat. 2》 infested with rats. 3》 informal in poor condition; shabby or run down. 4》 Brit. informal bad tempered and irritable. Derivatives rattily adverb rattiness noun …   English new terms dictionary

  • ratty — UK [ˈrætɪ] / US adjective Word forms ratty : adjective ratty comparative rattier superlative rattiest 1) British informal in a bad mood, or easily annoyed 2) like a rat 3) American informal old and in bad condition …   English dictionary

  • ratty — /ˈræti / (say ratee) adjective (rattier, rattiest) 1. full of rats. 2. of or characteristic of a rat. 3. wretched; shabby. 4. Colloquial annoyed; irritable. 5. Colloquial slightly eccentric. {rat + t + y1} …   Australian English dictionary

  • ratty — [rat′ē] adj. rattier, rattiest 1. of or like a rat 2. full of rats 3. Slang shabby or run down …   English World dictionary

  • ratty — adj. (rattier, rattiest) 1 relating to or infested with rats. 2 colloq. irritable or angry. 3 colloq. wretched, nasty. Derivatives: rattily adv. rattiness n …   Useful english dictionary

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